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Note: Due to space limitations, only one or two videoclips will be displayed at one time. Also, due to technical difficulties, they are also silent for the time being. At the present time, there is only one videoclip.

Clip #1: 1st and Ten ("The Rookies")(23 seconds, 1429K, takes about 8.5 minutes to download)

Starring Donald Gibb as "Dr. Death" Crunchner, Tony Longo as "Mad Dog" Smears, and an unknown playing a training camp rookie.

Dr. Death (throwing a dart): Bullseye! Hey, Maddog, come on over here and get into the game.

Mad Dog: You know I'm no good at darts. I never hit the target.

Dr. Death: That's because you never practice. The secret is throwing them real, real hard.

Mad Dog: Real hard?

Dr. Death: Real hard. Ok, rookie. Here it comes.

Mad Dog throws dart.

Dr. Death: Oooh, boy. Almost. Just go ahead and try again. Oooh, yeah. That was a good one. If only they knew we were dart champions...

Mad Dog: You know, this works every year.

Note: the credit footage appears to be a rough cut of the same scene shown from a slightly different angle.

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