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Bandannagag's Handgag Gallery
20. Doug Savant as O'Connor in
Stingray ("Night Maneuvers")
87. Unknowns in unknown movie
97 and 431. Bernie Coulson as Brian McNichols in
Adventures in Spying (aka Operation Lookout)(1992)
144. Unknown in Kill, Kill, Overkill
175. Unknown in Man Outside (1986)
199. Zachary Bennett as in Sweating Bullets
(aka Tropical Heat)("Big Brother Is Watching")
205. Marcus Vaughter as Freddy in Nightmare Sisters (1987)
206. Unknown in Nightmare Sisters (1987)
226. Jeremy Jackson as Hobie Buchannon in
Baywatch ("War of Nerves")
228. Jeff East in The Ghost of Cypress Swamp (1977)
296. Matt Norero as Kevin Lund in Mindgames (1989)
321. Kris Kamm as Jack Marsh in Frame Up (1991)
370. Unknown in Kill Me Again (1989)
378. Patrick Dempsey as Charlie Farrow (1991)
399. Zachary Bennett as Marcus in
Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and
Huckleberry Finn (TVM 1990)
469. Robert Forster as Dr. Powell in
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence (1992)
474. Unknown in Guilty As Charged (1991)
521. Unknown in Tails You Live, Heads You're
Dead (TVM 1995)
567. Unknown in a Disney "Gallagher" TV movie
575. Clive Robertson as Ben Evans in Sunset Beach (1998)
593. Ryan James Bittle as Todd Wilkens in
Sweet Valley High (episode unknown)
597 and 620. Jamie Dick as Mitchell Farrell in
The Littlest Hobo ("Voyageurs" Part 2)
683. Denis Heames as Terry Colburn in
Aftermath: A Test Of Love (TVM 1991)
685. Jason Bateman as Doug Wainwright in
Knight Rider ("Lost Knight")
825. Josh Brolin as Brandon Walsh in Goonies (1985)
826-827. Ian Tracey as Officer John Hibbs in
The Commish ("Keeping Secrets")
837. Unknown in Prom Night (1980)
901-902. Zbych Trofimiuk as Paul Reynolds in
Spellbinder ("Episode 10")

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