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DGiln's Handgag Gallery
airbag01 Unknown in Airbag (1996)
ang01-ang02 Unknown in Anguish (1986)
ateam01-ateam03 Unknown in The A-Team (episode unknown)
ateam05-ateam07 Unknown in The A-Team (episode unknown)
eagle01-eagle02 Clint Eastwood in Where Eagles Dare (1969)
ellio01-ellio02 Sean Marshall in Pete's Dragon (1977)
flint01-flint02 Woody Harrelson in The People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996)
gala01-gala03 Unknown in a Battlestar Galactica movie
it01-it03 Unknown in Stephen King's It (TVM 1990)
homin01 Taran Noah Smith in Home Improvement (episode unknown)
kcop01-kcop04 Joseph (or Christian) Cousins in Kindergarden Cop (1990)
warl01 Unknown in Warlock The Sorceror (?)
rumble01-rumble03 Jackie Chan in Rumble In The Bronx (1996)

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