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Bandannagag's Chloroform,
Gassing, and Drugged Drink Gallery #2
1284. Blake Foster as Joey in Walker, Texas Ranger
("The Children Of Halloween")
1341-1342. Christopher Walken as Carlo Bartolucci in
Suicide Kings (1997)
1347. Unknown in Double Tap (199
1373. Danny Perkin as Connors in The Devil's Keep (1995)
1406. Danny Perkin as Connors in The Devil's Keep (1995)
1590-1591. Unknown in Captive (1990's)
aw144. Timothy Gibbs as Gary Sinclair in
Another World (April 5-6, 1996)
aw097. James Hyde as Neil Johanssen in
Another World (April 25, 1997)
c172. T.W. King as Danny Roberts in
The City (October 1, 1996)
c092. George Palermo as Tony Soleito in
The City (August 23, 1996)
touch024. David Anthony as Christian in
The Touchables (1968)
ms005. Michael Cole as Pete Cochran in
The Mod Squad ("Child Of Sorrow, Child Of Light")
bj608. Unknown in B.J. And The Bear ("Siege")

Note: The scenes with John James, Brian Krause, Jon Hensley, Timothy Gibbs, James Hyde, T.W. King, and George Palermo are vidcapped in full on my Soap Studs in Subrogation site. The scenes with David Anthony, Michael Cole, and the guard in B.J. And The Bear are vidcapped in full on my Private Reserve Of Restraint site.

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