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Bandannagag's Casefiles #18 - Part 1
160 Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock in
Matlock (possibly "The Abduction")
161 Unknown in unknown movie
162-163 Wortham Krimmer as Cal Winters #1 in
Days Of Our Lives (circa 1990)
164 Jason Connery as Jondar in
Dr. Who ("Vengeance On Varos")
165 Martin Jarvis as the Governor in
Dr. Who ("Vengeance On Varos")
166 Colin Baker as The Sixth Dr. Who and
Jason Connery as Jondar in Dr. Who ("Vengeance On Varos)
167-168 Unknown in Freddy's Nightmares:
A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series (episode unknown)
169 Unknown in Miami Vice
(possibly "Little Miss Dangerous")
170-171 Unknown in Midnight Caller ("The Hostage Game")
172 Robert Logan in Man Outside (1986)
173-177 Unknown in Man Outside (1986)
178 Bill Pullman as Dennis Allen in
The Serpent And The Rainbow (1988)
179-180 William Butler as Merle in Ghoulies 3 (1987)
181 Unknown in Ghoulies 3 (1987)
182-183 Unknown in Ghoulies 3 (1987)
184 Philip McKeon as Richard Farley in
Return To Horror High (1987)
185-186 D.W. Moffett in
Tales From The Crypt ("Til Death")
187 John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) as Leo Smith in
Corrupt (aka Cop Killers)(1983)

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