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Bandannagag's Casefiles #1 - Part 1
781. William Zabka as Scotty McCall in
The Equalizer ("Hand And Glove")
782. Randolph Mantooth as Alex Masters in Loving
783-786. Christopher Marcantel as Curtis Alden
in Loving
787. Unknown in Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth (1992)
788-789. Tim Robbins as Patrolman Lawrence Swan in
Hill Street Blues ("Rookie Nookie")
790. Unknown in Getting Even
(aka Hostage: Dallas)(1986)
791. David Lascher as Vinnie Bonitardi in
Blossom ("Beach Blanket Blossom")
792-793. Willem Dafoe as Frank Dulaney in
Body Of Evidence (1993)
794. Unknown in Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend (1979)
795-796. John McLiam as Herbert Clutter in
In Cold Blood (1967)
797-798. Paul Hough as Kenyon Clutter in
In Cold Blood (1967)
799-800. Gary Hudson as Randall in Wild Cactus (1993)

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