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Bandannagag's Casefiles #1 - Part 2
801-806. Matt McCoy as Frank Carlyle in
Eyes Of The Beholder (1992)
807. Christopher Gartin as Ted Ryan in
Melrose Place ("Psycho Therapy")
808. Mitch Vogel as Jamie (Hunter) Cartwright
and an unknown in Bonanza (episode unknown)
809. Unknowns in Bonanza (episode unknown)
810-811. John Bernard Richardson as Quincy in
Sylvia Kristel's Beauty School (1993).
812-813. David Bradley in American Samurai (1993)
814-817. Various unknowns in unknown movie
818-819. Christian Slater as George Kuffs in Kuffs (1992)
820-822. Unknown in Seaquest DSV
("Nothing But The Truth")
823. Jonathan Brandis as Lucas Wolenczak in
Seaquest DSV ("Nothing But The Truth")
824-825. Josh Brolin as Brandon Walsh in Goonies (1985)
826-827. Ian Tracey as Officer John Hibbs in
The Commish ("Keeping Secrets")
828-831. Michael Blodgett as Lance Rocke in
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (1970)

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