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This section has been reformatted to make site navigation easier.

There is now a hypertext-linked master database list which contains the following information:

Actor name
Movie or tv show he appears in
Actor's "character's" age (Adult, Teen, Child)
Type of gag, if any (Cloth, Bandanna, Tape, Stuffing, Handgag, Other, etc.)
Description of the scene
The casefile(s) where the images can be found


The description of the image is intended to indicate bondage out of the ordinary hands or feet being tied with rope. Examples of things noted include handcuffs/shackles/chains, hanging/drowning/asphyxiation/quicksand, tied to a pole/post/tree, tied to a bed or chair, scenes taking place in a bedroom/bathroom/car/truck/bus/wagon/van, staked out on the ground, hogties, straightjackets, blindfolds, chloroform, wearing leather, suspended by arms or feet, or tied up with a woman. The phrase "arms tied up or suspended above head" or the like may mean the arms are actually physically above the actor's head or that the arms are restrained in a spread eagle fashion.

Also note that the description is a description of the particular vidcap, not the scene as a whole. If the actor is handcuffed but the handcuffs are not visible in the vidcap, there generally is no reference to handcuffs. Other vidcaps from the same movie might mention handcuffs if show, but omit a reference to a gag, if the gag is not shown in a given image, and so forth. For those interested in complete scene information, one is directed to the scene reference list found on RoperMike's Guys In Trouble site.

I have arbitrarily defined "Teen" to include characters in college, even though the actors who play them may be considerably older than 21. The dividing line between Teen and Child is a judgment call on my part, and actors/characters in the range of 10-14 could easily have been put in either category by mistake.

There are currently three options:

1. Browse for images of specific actors by name.

2. Browse for images from specific movies or tv shows by title.

3. Browse each casefile gallery (typically 30 images or so per page):

Casefiles #1 Nos. 781-858

Casefiles #2 Nos. 304-394

Casefiles #3 Nos. 395-492

Casefiles #4 Nos. 633-698

Casefiles #5 Nos. 859-915

Casefiles #6 Nos. 699-740

Casefiles #7 Nos. 741-780

Casefiles #8 Nos. 247-303

Casefiles #9 Nos. 916-978

Casefiles #10 Nos. 529-576

Casefiles #11 Nos. 608

Casefiles #12 Nos. 609-615

Casefiles #13 Nos. 616-618

Casefiles #15 Nos. 619-625

Casefiles #16 Nos. 626-630

Casefiles #17 Nos. 979-1010

Casefiles #18 Nos. 160-246

Casefiles #19 Nos. 76-159

Casefiles #20 Nos. 577-584

Casefiles #23 Nos. 1011-1091

Casefiles #25 Nos. 1092-1120

Casefiles #28 Nos. 493-528

Casefiles #29 Nos. 1-75

Casefiles #30 Nos. 592-607

Casefiles #31 Nos. 1198-1267

Casefiles #32 Nos. 631-632

Casefiles #33 Nos. 1268-1340

Casefiles #34 Nos. 1341-1405

Casefiles #35 Nos. 1406-1443

Casefiles #36 Nos. 1444-1465

Casefiles #37 Nos. 1466-1566

Casefiles #38 Nos. 1567-1623

Casefiles #39 Nos. 1624-1668 (Not all in database yet)

Casefiles #40 Nos. 1669-1671 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #41 Nos. 1672-1736 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #42 Nos. 1737-1768 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #43 Nos. 1769-1816 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #44 Nos. 1817-1872 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #45 Nos. 1873-1936 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #46 Nos. 1637-2054 (Not in database yet)

Casefiles #KM Nos. 2055-2160 Brand New (but not in database yet)!

Casefiles #R1 Nos. 1121-1197

Casefiles #UD1 Nos. 585-591

Bandannagag's Chloroform Gallery Last updated on 01/18/00.

Bandannagag's Handgag Gallery Last updated on 01/18/00.

DGiln's Handgag Gallery Last updated on 01/18/00.

The CEG Man's Gallery of Male Chloroform, Ether, and Gassing Scenes can be found here. Last updated on 12/13/99.

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